Going to the ball or the theatre? Do you have an important meeting and not know what outfit to wear, and what accessories to choose? Or want to be a perfect bride from head to toe?

Your outfit, makeup and hairstyle reveals more about you than you think and the very first impression is greatly important.

I love to help you choose the best dress, shoes and accessories. It is a matter of course to take the opportunity to have professional makeup and hairstyle done for your important event in the comfort of your home.

I also offer styling for masquerade balls and Halloween celebrations, which I help you complement with perfect makeup and hairstyle.

To start your new style you can choose from several services:

  • Shopping with a stylist in a shopping mall (4 morning hours  / 4 afternoon hours)

  • Checking and selecting your wardrobe (choosing suitable outfits and showing the combinability of your clothing and accessories, sorting out inappropriate items, listing items for purchase)

  • Complete wedding styling for brides (within the complete Wedding Makeup + Hairstyle + Photo Package it is free of charge)


Do you want to change your dress style, learn makeup techniques and gain self-esteem?

The first impression is very important in any interpersonal communication and your makeup, hair and clothes reveal about you more than you think.

During this Transformation I will teach you proper makeup techniques and what shading to choose for everyday and festive makeup. You will get the chance to "touch" and test professional cosmetic products from my equipment bag. Next stage we will focus on your dress style and make your overall image. We will visit selected stores together and I will help you choose new clothes, shoes and accessories. At the end we will select a suitable hairstyle and hair dye for you to further consult with your hairdresser.

At the end of your Transformation you can get photographed by a professional and be given a gift for yourself and your loved ones.

Services during the Transformation can be selected from the ready-combined packages, or you can use the services of makeup artist and stylist separately from the Price List.

Makeup artist, stylist (studio makeup and shopping in selected stores in Brno) ............ 4000 CZK

Makeup artist, stylist, photographer (studio makeup, shopping in selected stores, photo makeup and hair trimming, photo styling, photography, professional photo editing of your choice) ............. 8000 CZK