• Photo makeup is my favourite discipline, because the final makeup visage can be really extravagant. I choose the makeup on the basis of my client's requirements, and I take into account the fact whether it is to be photoflash or daylight shooting.

  • High-quality makeup saves the photographer a few hours of work during subsequent post-production and skin retouching. The length of makeup procedure depends on the complexity.

  • Hairstyling is included in the price as it is a very essential part of the final look completion and underlines the makeup style. Extra complements or complete styling at extra cost.

  •  Regular makeup, extravagant makeup, face painting, simple bodypainting

  •  Books, photo testimonials, commercialism


Perfect wedding makeup will make you beautiful look all day and you will feel really exceptional. Wedding makeup must underline the bride‘s beauty, go with the accessories and dress. Another feature is its long durability to keep from smudging in tears of happiness.

The best makeup for you we will consult together on the makeup test, which is best to perform a month up to 14 days before the ceremony. We will also choose a suitable hairstyle to go with the makeup, dress and accessories. An important part is also the ‘colour tone’ of the wedding. On the test I will perform a complete makeup and hairstyle, which durability you can try out for the whole day.

Wedding makeup must look natural, yet expressive enough for the bride to look great in the photos. I therefore focus on the perfect makeup base to allow your skin look healthy and fresh. Coverage of possible flaws and face shading is a matter of course. Professional cosmetic products help me keep the makeup highly durable and I myself try to apply your makeup perfectly. The cost of wedding makeup includes applying false eyelashes, which beautifully highlight your look, give natural impression and last all day.

Save time commuting for your hairdresser and combine makeup with hairstyling. I will make various wedding hairstyles just as you wish. Romantic waves as well as more exacting topknot buns. I love to advise you on choosing suitable hair accessories or I can get them for you directly from several designers I work with.

On your wedding day I will come to your home or hotel for the maximum of your comfort and minimal worry.


Are you lost in all the makeup varieties or how to choose the right products of decorative cosmetics? Do you want to feel self-confident? Makeup consulting is suitable for all women who want to learn about makeup, makeup sets and makeup techniques. We will look through appropriate preparations for your skin step by step, as well as makeup techniques. I will focus on the techniques and colours to make the most of your features. You can also prepare any queries about cosmetics and if you are interested, you can buy samples of the products or the products themselves. All of the recommended makeup procedures I will perform on you own and you will leave for home with a beautiful makeup on.

It lasts approx. 1.5 - 2 hours and the maximum number of people is 3.

This service is available in my professional visage studio at Hybešova 40.

Makeup consultation can be bought as a gift voucher for your loved ones.


Do you have a lot of cosmetics at home and do not know how to use it? Do you find it difficult to choose the right shade of your makeup or to apply eye makeup? Do you not use makeup at all, but would like to start? Are you interested in the technique of contouring and shading your face?

The personal makeup course is just right for you.

During the training, I will go step by step to show you how to use makeup properly, which products are suitable for you, and you will be able to test your own steps. I will also choose the colours for everyday makeup that will be as neutral as possible to differently coloured outfits. I will teach you some tricks by professionals and how to use brushes. Special time will be dedicated to face modelling techniques by contouring and shading as well as eyebrow trimming. You can buy the selected products from me or I will advise you about the best purchase. We will go through the basics of colour typology and review your "cosmetic bag". At the end, you will leave with your makeup on and your personal set card, where you will find a makeup procedure appropriate for you, including the names of all the products to use. In case, you would like to continue to improve on individual techniques (for example, to learn precise lines or smoky eyes) you can make an appointment for another lesson at a discounted price.

It lasts approx. 3 - 4 hours and the maximum number of people is 3.

This service is available in my professional visage studio at Hybešova 40.          

Personal makeup course can be bought as a gift voucher for your loved ones.


Professional makeup courses are focused on particular types of makeup and are suitable for anyone wishing to take up the world of makeup professionally or just improve on particular techniques and procedures.

The type and length of the course will be tailored in order to meet your demands, feel free to contact me with any queries


Evening and festive makeup is more expressive than casual everyday makeup because you are exposed to artificial lighting. It has to match the overall styling and complement the whole image perfectly. However expressive should it be, you still must feel natural with the makeup to highlight your natural grace.

Using professional MAC decorative cosmetics, I will create a makeup visage for you to be the queen of the night and that will last. Very popular are classic smoky eyes, whose sexy appearance is complemented by self-adhesive eyelashes.                                   

Save time commuting for your hairdresser and combine makeup with hairstyling. I will make various festive hairstyles just as you wish.

Optionally, a possibility of applying false eyelashes (pieces or complete), Swarovski rhinestones, glitters or nail polish application for an extra cost.

Perfect makeup should be complemented by perfect hairstyle. To your makeup I will create your wedding and festive hairstyles just as you wish. I will style your hair for exceptional events during the day. For my work, I use Schwarzkopf Professional products that guarantee a long lasting hairstyle. Your hair will have a healthy and light look, be shiny and nourished.

• Topknot buns of smooth and wavy hair

• Flat iron styling

• Various ways of hair curling

• Possibility of borrowing or purchasing hair accessories from designers I work with.

This service is available in my professional visage studio at Hybešova 40. Home visit is possible upon agreement.


Professional makeup and hairstyling that meet your demands for models, presenters, actors. If necessary, I can provide other professionals for your project (makeup artist, hairstylist, photographer, cameraman).

Prices are contractual on the basis of complexity of particular orders.

This service is available throughout the Czech Republic.


Are you going to a party in a disguise or do you need to hide a tattoo in a wedding dress? Thanks to special makeup techniques, your wishes are fulfillable. Using airbrush techniques I can achieve perfect and extremely waterproof cover-ups, shading or very extravagant makeup. Makeup work is now available for you with professional MAC PRO products. Unlike manual application with regular makeup, airbrush technique is very long-lasting and resistant to water, abrasion and sweat.

Remember, therefore, that extraordinary events require an extraordinary makeup. Turn into anything you wish to be for one evening and enjoy the admiring views of people round you. A part of makeup for parties or carnivals is professional hair treatment.

Thanks to the professional decorative cosmetics MAC, MAC PRO and special makeup products, I will create a perfect makeup or hide an unwanted tattoo. I also love to help you with styling to make your party disguise as convincing as possible.

False eyelashes? Glitters and rhinestones? Face painting and bodypainting? Fake scars and blood? Latex skin replacement? Wigs and colourful hairstyle?

… Yes, all of this and even more you can enjoy for your perfect mask.


Airbrush is a modern method of applying makeup with a special airbrush pistol and compressor. The advantage of airbrush makeup is its perfect application of the same pressure. There are perfect shades of colours in face shading, the makeup keeps on well and does not get into skin pores. Airbrush is great for extreme heavy makeup such as wedding makeup or photo makeup, making special effects or covering scars and tattoos. Unlike manual application with regular makeup, airbrush technique is very long-lasting and resistant to water, abrasion and sweat.


Are you planning a corporate event and need your hostesses to look beautiful? Are you looking for a gift for your employees or planning a social event and need an additional progam? Do your staff need to deal with the overall image? I will prepare tailor-made visage, hairstyling and styling services for your business needs.

This service is available throughout the Czech Republic.


Do you want to change your dress style, learn makeup techniques and gain self-esteem?

The first impression is very important in any interpersonal communication and your makeup, hair and clothes reveal about you more than you think.

During this Transformation I will teach you proper makeup techniques and what shading to choose for everyday and festive makeup. You will get the chance to "touch" and test professional cosmetic products from my equipment bag. Next stage we will focus on your dress style and make your overall image. We will visit selected stores together and I will help you choose new clothes, shoes and accessories. At the end we will select a suitable hairstyle and hair dye for you to further consult with your hairdresser.

At the end of your Transformation you can get photographed by a professional and be given a gift for yourself and your loved ones.

Services during the Transformation can be selected from the ready-combined packages, or you can use the services of makeup artist and stylist separately from the Price List.

Makeup artist, stylist (studio makeup and shopping in selected stores in Brno) ............ 4000 CZK

Makeup artist, stylist, photographer (studio makeup, shopping in selected stores, photo makeup and hair trimming, photo styling, photography, professional photo editing of your choice) ............. 8000 CZK