Fine art Workshop

Spring and autumn weekend Fine Art Workshop (schedule is shared approx. 3 months in prior;  no. of participants: 6)

The Workshop focuses on Fine Art Photography – from the very first preparation steps until the photo shoot.  You can use the gained knowledge for your own artistic projects, during portrait photography, maternity photography, or wedding photography. Workshop duration is 2 days, it starts at 09:00 and finishes at 15:00 (both days). Preparation steps: On Saturday - is the practical part, which will take place in my studio (Address: Hybesova 40, Brno). We will go through the creation of the concept, styling creation, preparation, and creation of accessories. We will also check and focus on photo makeup and hairstyling. On Sunday, we will start with styling of our photo-model and we are ready to go. Once on the spot, I’ll guide you through the photoshoot and we will focus on: light, poses, strong emotions, desired mood, how to interconnect the photo-model with the scene. Final price is 6 500 CZK.

Website and portfolio review

Nowadays, perfect digital representation is a must-have! During Website and portfolio review we will check your website, Instagram and Facebook accounts and your visual online profile. Do you have more project on the plate and you are simply not able to unify them? Are you interested in analysis of your website and want to find its weaknesses? We can analyze and discuss results of our findings in my studio or via Skype, if preferable. Length of consultation is 2 hours.  Final price is 4 000 CZK.

One to one class Makeup

Would you like to have a private course with me and learn something new? One to one class Makeup course is a private session dedicated for professionals, who would like to improve their make-up artistic skills; either for wedding photography, or Photo make-up in general. 

The course takes place in my studio, with a real make-up model, and my professional tools, which are at your disposal. Both, theory and praxis are included, you will be actively creating the make-up and I will guide you and perfect your technique. Lenght of the One to one class Makeup course is 5 hours. Final price is 6 000 CZK (Private makeup course is to be found in Visage category, if interested).

One to one class Photography

One to one class Photography course is a private photo course, where you will learn how to work with model/s, light, poses and the desired mood. Strong emotions are the essential characteristic in my artwork, and I would like to share with you how to prepare and shoot pictures that capture desired mood and looks. You will have the possibility to watch me during the photography process “as my second pair of eyes” and of course you will have the chance to shoot your own pictures. We will be working with model/s of your choice. Length of the course is 5 hours. Final price is 6 000 CZK.